SMS for Beauty Salons and Spas

SMS for Beauty Salons and Spas


Text messages are a form of digital communication that allows business to communicate instantaneously to big groups of people, using mainly text and sometimes URL. They represent a cheap alternative if we compare it to social media ads.
As any other marketing strategy, SMS marketing campaigns should also have a stated objective. The most common is for business to use SMS marketing to increase website traffic, to drive sales, improve brand awareness, generate leads, educate subscribers, remind customers of events and appointments, etc.

To help you do a smooth introduction on how to use this fabulous tool for your beauty salon or spa, let’s look up for some basic terms:

Segments: Group of clients sharing any relevant characteristic: age, gender, antiquity, etc. You can collect their data easily by asking to fill a “new client” form, inviting them to put their business cards in a bowl where they participate for a gift card, etc. After you have your client’s lists, you are ready to create the segments and formulate interesting and relevant messages for each one.

Campaigns: Is a single/group of text messages delivered strategically to a/a few segment(s) in an specific date or period of time. The campaign is normally complemented by a social media campaign, print campaign and/or discounts/special events.

Keywords: Is a word that identifies your business and is easy to remember, for example: Susy Nail’s Spa could choose SUSY as their keyword because it’s short and represents the spa. There is also a keyword confirmation, it is a text message that is sent to the client after he has activated the key word, it gives a great opportunity to welcome new subscribers and hook them in a long term with a very well though message or even with rewards as the discounts or any other promotion!

SMS The short message service or the simple message service, better known as SMS, is a service available on mobile phones that allows the sending of short messages between mobile phones.  

How can text messages campaigns help your Beauty Salons or Spa?

Text marketing helps you boost the reach and impact of your digital strategies because your services are delivered in a very personal and intimate way, just as an SMS delivered in your client’s mobile!

Let’s be realistic, beauty salons won’t set the same budget for communications as a restaurant franchise would do. Text messages campaigns are recommended in cases where budget is limited, they are a very convenient and affordable solution for businesses as yours. SMS marketing can give you the power to engage and retain current clients, as well as offer attractive promotions that can drive new clients to your salon.

Did you know SMS messages have a whopping 98% open rate? If you are still not convinced using SMS campaigns can help you reach your business goals, we have identified for you 7 reasons why you should use them in your marketing strategies.  

1. Talk to the right prospects
Your client’s list is integrated by people who have visited your beauty salon or have opted in through other channels to receive texts from your business. You’ll address you campaign to captive targets, both interested in what you have to say, so the chances that your investment in that campaign has the impact you are looking for is very high.

2. You’ll get closer
Text messages are normally used to text with friends, co-workers or family. An SMS from your beauty salon shares the same intimate space in your client’s mobile, meaning you indirectly take advantage of the attention they put on them to get your salon’s discount coupon be read!

3. We’ll read you!
Unfortunately, social media ads and any other digital marketing tool inevitably run the risk of losing impact among the other 100 ads trying to reach the same clients as you. SMS reach your clients directly and have the highest possibility of capture their attention and being read! Connecting with your clients in real time can help you keep your beauty salon run efficiently and help you get people to your place during slow periods for appointments.

4. You’ll be unstoppable
Common digital marketing tools require more elements to distribute your message. Text messages are less complicated. No matter which mobile phone people have or if they have internet access, text messages will always be delivered meaning they can help you cover that unattended digital space.

5. Stop being so manual!
Our text messages have the auto responders options, helping not only you or your employees process new appointments or reminder, but also offering your clients a simplified way to request and consume your services. Automatize your appointments and information requests with text messages!

6. Save some money!
Text messages are incredibly cheap. The cost per unit is very low and can have a significant impact in your return of investment. Besides, think of the time you can save hunting people down to confirm appointments and cutting down on no-shows. Remember what they say, time is money!

7. It’s for everyone!
Millennials prefer to send text messages than voice calls, and if you’re worried about alienating customers who aren’t millennials, well don’t be! 94% of smartphone users, 70 and older are texting on a weekly basis! SMS benefits of text messaging skills, allowing people to use them without any internet connexion.  

Use cases for Text Messages Marketing Campaigns for Beauty Salons and Spas

Our list is limited, but your imagination isn’t, so feel free to get creative and come up with something new!  

Coupons and Discounts

Who doesn’t love discounts or gifts? Gain your customers’ loyalty and add some value to your strategy by offering exclusive discounts to your subscribers. One good tactic to deliver this incentive is to send out time-sensitive offers, for example:Hi! Don’t miss out today our happy hour and enjoy your favorite nail treatment at half the price! Only at Sally’s Nails Spa. This is as a great way to bring clients into your beauty salon during slow periods. Another good tactic is to share exclusive news with your subscribers. Every time you have new products in stock, you can text them first to give them privileges over the rest of your clients.


Text messages are more effective for appointment reminders compared to emails. They can significantly lower or prevent the occurrence of no-shows. Schedule your reminders at least 24 hours before the appointment.  

Promote your events

Seducing new clients with the perfect photos about your services and products is always a great strategy, nevertheless, they might not always be enough to get new customers through your door. Using text alerts to invite your subscribers to the event can ensure they know about it and they can easily share it with their friends. 

Loyalty Programs

Offer exclusive rewards to your customers: gift certificates, free complimentary services, discounts, etc. Create sub groups to categorize you client base according to the length of time they’ve been a client, their birth month, etc. Formulate well-thought-out messages to catch your clients and make sure they’ll be with you for the long run.. 

Let’s Get your SMS campaign rolling !

Once you have decided how you wish to implement SMS in your digital strategy, you will almost simultaneously have to drive a strategy to gather subscribers or contacts. Whether you already have a client base or not, it is important to promote your campaign to reach your business goals. For existing contacts, you can send an SMS inviting them directly to participate in your campaign, you just need to upload the list of phone numbers into your dashboard. Sending texts to people who haven’t given your beauty salon permission to text them is not legal and it’s against our anti-spam policy. 

Is it the first time you’ll be implementing SMS for your business? Well you are not the only one, and that’s why we want to share some effective tactics for you to collect your client’s contact information quickly and easy!

Promote your keyword and number by...

  • Putting up a poster at your storefront showing your keyword and (short)number.
  • Place a few stickers on your salon mirrors with your keyword and number.
  • Collect your client’s business cards in a fishbowl at the front desk of your salon.
  • Put an eye-catching sign in your waiting room
  • Print a short notice on your receipts or put on a stamp promoting your keyword and (short)number.
  • A small chalkboard on your cash register promoting your keyword and (short) number —especially if you’re offering time sensitive promotions or even an instant discount on your client’s purchase!
  • Instruct your staff to promote your campaign with everyone who calls or visits.
  • Allow your clients to opt-in to your client base from your website.

Important Tip: Your SMS campaign must include a disclaimer to let your subscriber know that their normal costs for text messaging applies, for example “Message and Data Rates May Apply”. Another important element is to indicate the word with which your customers can unsubscribe, eg. If you do not wish to receive more messages, reply to this message with the word STOP or ARRET. Finally, you must include the notice of frequency, where you inform the subscriber of how many messages he’ll receive from you. We recommend sending between 2 to 4 texts messages per month, not more, in order to avoid spamming your community.

Choose Your Number
If you believe your clients won’t be attracted to contact you through a short code, even if it’s just a 4-digit number, we can help you set a 8-10 digit number to throw your SMS campaign. That way, you will be able to lead them through a smoother and more effective transition.

After you have decided which number you’ll use for your campaign, you will have to choose a keyword. A keyword is a particular word that best describes your beauty salon. It has to be short so your clients remember it easily, and so text it to your number to get your messages. The most important is to keep this step as simple as possible. For example, imagine you own Sally’s Nails Salon, a good keyword for your business might be SALY. Or imagine you’re running a sweepstakes to give away a free manicure, consider using the keyword MANICURE.

We’re all set, now it’s time to launch your campaign!

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