SMS Services

SMS Services

We invite you to discover all our powerful features, designed in order to help your business grow.

Mass Texting

Send out promotions, reminders and updates to your entire customer base using SMS.

Scheduled Sending

Would you like to plan your campaign ahead of its date? Use the Scheduled Sending option to send your messages on the hour, day and month you want.

Group Texts from Phone

Send text messages to your list of contacts directly from your phone.


Here’s the fun part! Choose an exclusive keyword for your campaign. People will text your keyword to a short code to receive your texts, e.g., “PIZZA to 1111.”


Set a reminder a day or a few hours before your customer's appointments.

Data Collection

Just ask! and use our SMS Forms to collect data from your customers for future communications, appointments or reservations. From birthday, gender and age, to the date and time your customer will come by your store. Anything you need to know!

SMS Vote

Encourage your clients to give feedback on your services, or ask a question on a particular topic to your audience and find out what they think!

Mobile Coupons

Increase the attractiveness of your SMS marketing campaign and start integrating digital coupons! Give your promotions the visibility they deserve!

Content SMS

Distribute exclusive content to your subscribers on any relevant topic related to your business. Position your business as a true expert in the field by sending weekly or monthly text messages with content!

SMS Poll

Ask your contacts what you need to know. Send them a direct text message to their cell phone and collect their answers easily!

Anniversary SMS

Build customer loyalty by automating text messaging with discounts and attractive offers on their anniversary as customers of your business or on their birthday - pamper them and connect with them!

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