SMS for Schools

SMS for Schools


Texting? For schools? It’s an A+!

Whether it is registration reminders or weather alerts, schools and universities have so much information that must be quickly passed on to large groups of people. Even though so many channels have been developed: email, calls, notes, education platforms, etc... There’s always someone who didn’t get the message! 

This is where SMS marketing comes to save the day. And this is how:

1 Create your Text community: Students, parents and teachers can easily sign up to your school community by sending a quick keyword to your allotted short number. They will be automatically subscribed to receive the text notifications you send. You want to include other members to your Text community? It’s really easy! Using your TextIn dashboard, you can import your contacts, just make sure you ensure consent to text, and you’re ready to go!

2 With TextIn, you can create scheduled messages to keep your audience engaged and informed.

3 You don’t want to text your whole community? That’s ok, on your dashboard you can create sub-groups and recipient lists to whom you want to send your message.

4 Your teachers and personnel also have a lot to communicate! Set up multiple user accounts with access to their class or team contacts, they can send assignment updates, field trip information and so much more!

5 Build your data base and collect more information about your community: With TextIn, you can ask direct questions or create custom fields to find out their opinion on specific topics or their interests to customize your messaging campaigns.  

When it comes to texting, the possibilities are endless… But we´ll give you a few examples:

Important reminders: We know students… (and sometimes parents) usually have a hard time with deadlines. Help them out by sending them a quick reminder. · School events: Want to increase attendance? Let them know about the next big event with a text!

"Our annual Carnival is this Friday at 2 pm! Don’t miss out!

Technology isn’t exactly your cup of tea?

That’s ok! We work hard to make sure that our platform is easy to understand and even easier to use. Besides, our dedicated staff is always available and ready to help.

Do you need a custom plan to fit your school needs? Let us know here, and we create the best fit for you.

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