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Text Marketing for Restaurants? The perfect dessert!


Everything you need to know about SMS/Text Marketing for your Restaurant

Even if you have the perfect menu idea, the greatest team or location. What is the key ingredient to maintain a consistent demand to your restaurant? How are you going to grow a closer relationship with your customers?

SMS marketing allows your restaurant, coffee shop, food truck or any other business in the food industry to bring in new customers, create a perfect way to engage them and keep them coming back. It’s a channel to a more intimate and personalized relationship with all your customers.

This small guide will show you what you need to know about how to increase customer traffic to your business using sms or texts. You’ll have the power to accomplish many more goals all in one tool.

Let’s get started! 

Some great examples on how to use TextIn for your Restaurant

Here are a few examples of how can you keep your customers coming in and coming back to your restaurant.  

Mobile Coupons

People love coupons. Coupons are a great way to increase loyalty. Start by sending a campaign with coupons to your customer base. Remember that you can use autoresponders to send out coupons one week after a customer’s visit to make them come back.

EX:Hey Laura, hope you had a blast at our Restaurant. We can't wait to see you again! Take 10% off your next meal with us  

Limited-Time Offers

Want immediate traffic or speed up slowdowns? Send limited-time offers or discounts throw texts!

EX: AFTER WORK DEALS! Come and get any of our meals and have a free drink. Offer available from 5pm to 7pm.  

Weekly Specials or Seasonal offers

Share your seasonal items more efficiently and let your customers know all about your weekly specials.

EX: Hey there! Our summer special is here. Come try our limited-time Pio Burger, pineapple and chicken. You’ll love it. Available only until April 30.  

Special Events

You’ve got a special event coming up? Don’t forget to notify your customers. Let them be the first to know.

EX: Don’t miss 7BROSBAND at tonight’s event! Come for a great burger but stay for the music. Today after 7pm.

Reservation system

Use a keyword such as “TABLE” to manage your customer’s reservation.

EX: When a customer send “TABLE” to your shot code. You can ask them more information to complete a reservation such as their name, the size of their party, the time they will come and the reservation can be done in a simple, quick process.


Whenever a customer is waiting for a Table, you can ask for their phone number and send them a text when their table is ready.

EX: “Hey Mark, your table for 2 is ready! We’re sorry for the wait.”  

How do I start?


Get started with just 3 simple steps

We’ve already shown you many ways to run SMS Marketing for Restaurants that your customers will love. Follow up these few steps and let’s start.

1. Reserve your Keyword
This is an essential first step. By reserving your keyword, you’re creating an exclusive code that people will use to subscribe to receive your messages. But how does it work? Your customers will subscribe by texting your keyword to a short code or a number.

Keep it short! Don’t forget to use an easy-to-remember keyword that represents your restaurant.

2. Import Existing Contacts
Already have a database of customer contacts? Import your contacts into your account in seconds!
Remember, all the contacts you upload must have given express consent to be contacted.

3. Motivate your customers to Sign Up to your lis
There's many ways to give your customers a reason to sign up for your texts. You should try to collect as many as you can! Some of them will opt just because they love your food, but the larger your list, the larger the profits you pull in.  

Don’t forget!

Your advertisement must also include a notice of frequency. Why? Your subscribers need to be informed about how many texts they’ll receive to avoid future problems. You must also inform them how to unsubscribe to your campaign. Normally, you can indicate this in your welcome message. Ex. Answer STOP to unsubscribe.

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