Everyone dreams of a long client base. Shall we give you a hand with yours?

A contact list, or in other words, your customer's cell phone number, is not something that all businesses have. This is vital, your contacts are the source of your text message campaigns.

If your business doesn't have this basic element, do not worry, request a PullTool campaign before launching your text message campaign and create your dream contact list in less than 1 month. PullTool is an affordable digital campaign that helps you create a contact base according to your business interests.

It is a personalized landing page with your business brand that captures in one click the phone number of your prospects. It's promoted on social networks and on the web, so we can choose the people you want to reach.

There is a second type of campaign, where we promote a landing page equally adapted to your brand identity, with a coupon distributor using integrated text messaging. Depending on the area of your business, this campaign can generate greater impact, visitors will hardly resist giving you their contact information in exchange for a discount!

Did you know that a PullTool can help you collect over 7,000 contacts in a single month?*

*Reference based on past campaigns


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