What is an SMS?
SMS or "Short Message Service" is the official name for what you probably know as text messages.

How many characters can I include in a text message?
Most texts are limited to 160 characters.

What is a "crédit"?
It is the unit in which we measure your SMS consumption. Whether you are broadcasting or using another SMS function, crédits will allow us to charge you in a more accurate and fair way. A crédit is equivalent to an SMS.

How can I buy crédits?
You can choose between the different plans that you will find in our prices section https://textinca.com/en/home.php. You can pay for your plan with your credit card or PayPal.

Campaign management

What if I need more keywords?
With unlimited keywords you will never have to worry!

How do I choose a keyword?
Whether it's specific to your business or a special promotion, your keyword possibilities are endless. We recommend that it be short and representative of your campaign, eg: PIZZA, SUPER, GYM.

Can I create more than one campaign?
TextIn supports multiple campaigns for all your business needs.

Messenger service

Who can receive my text messages?
If you have a contact list with mobile phone numbers, everyone is sure to receive your text messages!

How long does it take for a text message to reach the recipient?
Texting is one of the most instant forms of digital communication.

Is there a limit on the number of messages I can send through TextIn?
When it comes to the number of messages you can send via TextIn, there is no limit! Just make sure you buy a plan big enough for your campaign.


How do I see the analysis of my campaigns?
Review campaign analytics such as delivery rates and available balance through your TextIn panel.  

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