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Take a look at some of the most recent PromoLab campaigns we have launched with Kolbi Costa Rica, the largest operator in this country, and identify opportunities for your own business:


Juegos y Premios (Games and prizes) 2019

In 2019 the People Connection team was contacted to provide a mechanic that would be part of Kolbi's promotional campaign for the Christmas season. People Connection identified a potentially attractive game mechanic, suitable for SMS subscription. The game mechanics consisted of point accumulation games for mobile devices, which covered different themes: landscapes, food and Costa Rican traditions. Before entering each game, the user would be taken to a validation page that asked them to enter their mobile number to check if their subscription was active. The SMS subscription sent a text message twice a week to the participant's mobile phone with the access URL to the games.
This campaign lasted 3 months, during which prizes of different values were drawn: Uber Eats bonuses, and cash bonuses of up to 3000USD. The mechanics and the prizes made it possible to reach a community of more than 30,000 participants.


Sumate a la sele (Join the team) 2018

In the midst of the excitement of the 2018 World Cup and the summer season in Central America in the middle of the year, Kolbi requested a mechanic to offer their customers a fun experience. People Connection then proposed a mechanic, using SMS subscription, that would adapt to the summer theme and capture the users' attention during a 6-month campaign. The subscriber could access a mobile games portal with a beach and jungle theme. One day of subscription gave them three ( 3 ) attempts of either the same game or different ones. If they had not gotten a good result, they could make up to three daily purchases of three additional game attempts on the web.
The participants with the best results and those who stayed more days subscribed, won 2 trips to the FIFA World Cup in Russia with all expenses paid. There were also weekly draws for 49-inch Samsung Smart TVs and 500,000 colones gift cards from PROMERICA, a well-known bank in the region.
The mechanics and the prizes made it possible to reach a community of more than 45,000 participants.


Con mas plata (With more money) 2018  

The text message subscription service needed to be renewed at Kolbi. The People Connection team was called in for this project to reinvent the service and devised a mechanic to improve the experience. People Connection proposed that through an SMS subscription, the client would receive a daily message: some with daily trivia with general culture questions, others with a link to a game portal. A platform was created with different games; all the points that the client added up, both in the games and by answering the trivia via SMS, were registered in a system that kept track of the total score.

The finalists were the players with the most accumulated points. The finalists were called by phone to notify them that they had won. The prizes consisted of a gift card of two hundred and fifty thousand colones.
This campaign lasted 3 months. The mechanics and the prizes made it possible to reach a community of more than 70,000 participants.

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