Below, you will find a case study for pharmacies that can be adapted to any other industry.  

Imagine that you are the owner of the YOHL pharmacy chain and you want to introduce a bit of novelty in order to build customer loyalty. You have already offered loyalty cards to accumulate points, stamps ... But you want to try a tool that is more technological, more modern! With a DigitAPP roulette you can improve you customers' shopping experience so that they choose you as their favorite!
Let's go into more detail: For every 20CAD of consumption, you give your client 1 ticket with a code that allows them to access your roulette and play for a prize. They can access the roulette in your store using a tablet or from your own cell phone. You can also invite them to send a text message with the keyword YOHL to 1111 from their cell phone to receive the access URL by text message. In this last case, your customer redeems their codes whenever they want, from their mobile device or computer.

Thanks for shopping at YOHL! Click on the following link to redeem the codes received for your purchases http://bit.ly/2IZeeh

IMPORTANT: Give your tickets a personalized look to make them eye catching and avoid copying! You will have to ask your client to present the ticket they won to claim their prize.

If you want your customers to join in without forcing them to visit your business, you can then replace the physical ticket with an email or any other digital channel.

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